How Franchise Owners Can Recruit Top-Quality Employees With Traci Wilk

HRH 10 | Recruit Top-Quality Employees

  One great employee is worth a handful of other mediocre candidates. Yet, admittedly, top-quality candidates are pretty rare and hard to find. Traci Wilk has the strategies to make them come to you instead of you to them. In this episode, she joins host Andrea Hoffer to share those with us. Primarily responsible for the organizational…

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The Remote Team Outside Of The Pandemic With Sofi Hersher

HRH 9 | Remote Team

  The pandemic has brought upon the acceleration in becoming a remote workforce. Overnight, we’ve seen businesses adjust to work from home teams, with some businesses choosing this setup as a temporary situation while others are embracing it for the long-term. But what do remote teams look like after the pandemic? On today’s podcast, Andrea…

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