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The Journey of aha! Talent Experts

At aha! Talent Experts, our founder Andrea Hoffer's upbringing and experiences have shaped our approach to sustainable businesses. We prioritize employer branding, attracting top-tier talent, and retaining A-players for the long term. With Andrea's background in team development and leadership, coupled with her hands-on experience in recruiting and training, we bring a wealth of expertise.

We have 40 years of collective experience in recruitment, management, and training. Utilizing advanced AI technology, we optimize recruitment and employer branding processes. Andrea's industry leadership is reinforced by her best-selling book, "Hire Higher," and her frequent appearances as a keynote speaker and podcast guest.

We specialize in sales and marketing recruitment, addressing the unique challenges inherent in this space. We locate talent, evaluate their skills, and secure their commitment to join your team. As citizens of the sales and marketing sector, we understand the industry's language, technology, and processes. We act as an extension of your growth goals, finding professionals who can tell your story and expand your audience.



We unlock your true hiring needs with our aha! Discovery Positioning Program. This unique, proprietary process is key to identifying and securing the right hires. By working closely with our clients, we co-create the profile of the perfect candidate–one who not only meets job requirements, but also thrives within the company’s culture.



We use the information gathered during the Discovery process to create marketing materials and targeted campaigns—creating attractive and interactive materials used to attract passive candidates on social media and throughout the sourcing process.



We walk both our clients and talent through the selection process, coaching both sides of the recruitment equation, ensuring that useful information is gained through effective interviewing techniques, and giving the employers we represent and candidates we advocate for tools they can use during the life of their business and the length of their careers.



We handle the offer process for both the employer and talent—helping to negotiate and offer the creative strategies most likely to result in a mutually beneficial hiring solution.



We follow up with the candidates regularly, ensuring the placement is successful and that our clients’ needs are being met, offering help with the transition when needed.

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Every one of our value-added talent acquisition services enhances your message and attracts the right professionals for your critical roles.

Our Team

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Discover the dedicated minds behind aha! Talent Experts. Our team, driven to build dream teams, brings extensive industry knowledge, years of experience, and a fresh approach to finding top talent that will drive your business forward.

Tatiana Czemerys

Tatiana Czemerys

Operations Manager

Marielou Greaney

Marielou Greaney

Account Executive/Sales

Agustina Czemerys

Agustina Czemerys

Marketing Assistant