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Andrea Hoffer

Andrea Hoffer is the innovative force behind aha! Talent Experts, dedicated to aligning talent with unique company cultures since 2012. Building from her own experiences in her spa business, she has redefined traditional recruitment to emphasize the essential alignment of skills and values. As a published author of the best-seller “Hire Higher” and a sought-after speaker, Andrea has solidified her status as an expert in her field. aha! Talent Experts not only offers executive search and contract staffing but also provides talent consulting services. With the innovative use of AI, the company has expanded into employer branding and recruitment marketing, further disrupting the industry. Andrea’s vision is to make her company the ultimate destination for AI-driven People Solutions, empowering businesses to assemble dream teams that fully champion their mission.

aha! Talent Experts is AMAZING!!! They helped me find two great employees late last year. They are such a great culture fit and my whole team adores them, which is the most important element to me. I am in awe of the professional system they set up for finding your next outstanding employee. I didn’t have to spend my precious time sorting through resumes and qualifying people for interviews. If they got through Andrea they were good enough for me to meet with. THANK YOU!!!!!

Michelle McFarland – CEO

The Wedding Shoppe

Andrea and her team have done wonders for our company by helping with our recruiting. They have helped us with the tremendous burden of trying to find good talent and our business and team have grown leaps and bounds because of them!

Bonnie Durden, President

Glass Design

It is impossible to say how amazing I found working with Andrea and her AHA! team. Such a refreshing and inventive approach to hiring. I learned so much myself from their comprehensive process. Andrea has created a service that teaches you how to successfully navigate the hiring process through getting your new team member onboarded. I will 100% be coming back to AHA! for all of my hiring needs!

Sandra Ennor, President

TransparenSea Fuels, LLC


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