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Marielou Greaney

Marielou Greaney is a dynamic professional whose journey spans industries and leadership roles, all anchored by a people-centric approach. As an Account Executive at Aha Talent Experts, Marielou channels her sales, operations, and leadership experience into a passion for matching talent with opportunities.

Beginning as a ranch hand at a horseback riding academy, Marielou’s work ethic and hands-on background laid the foundation for her success. With a decade at Vector Marketing/Cutco, including roles as a District Manager, Marielou honed her leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills. Leading nationally-ranked sales teams and managing $1.4 million in sales as a Sales Executive and Operations Manager in agriculture showcased her adaptability.

At Aha Talent Experts, Marielou’s people-oriented philosophy shines. Believing that every industry is about people, she’s committed to creating lasting relationships that drive business success. Marielou’s personal life is as vibrant as her career, embracing her role as a wife and mother of two boys, Jackson and PK, and indulging her passions for cooking and travel.

Looking forward, Marielou envisions nurturing the growth of fellow account executives, fostering a holistic approach to talent management. With her blend of experiences, Marielou Greaney continues to redefine recruiting, forging connections that fuel success.

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