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Marketing Assistant

Agustina Czemerys

Agustina, our Marketing Assistant based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, embodies the essence of continuous learning and creativity. Her journey began in diverse roles, from customer service to administrative assistance.

Agustina has a knack for easily and naturally connecting with people and her passion for staying at the forefront of the digital landscape is evident through her role, where she crafts captivating social media content, designs engaging landing pages, and wields her magic to enhance websites.

As an avid learner, she relishes acquiring new skills and experiences, a trait that fuels her studies in Veterinary medicine. Her enthusiasm for staying ahead of the curve ensures she’s always attuned to the latest trends in social media and marketing.

Beyond the professional arena, Agustina is a compassionate animal lover who loves the beach. Her love for fashion and penchant for shopping keeps her inspired and stylish. In every facet of her life, Agustina exudes a zest for learning, creativity, and a genuine love for both the digital

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