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At aha! Talent Experts, we strive to connect organizations with the high-caliber professionals they need to thrive in this challenging industry. Our blog provides a wealth of insights into talent acquisition, recruitment trends, and industry-specific topics designed to equip you with the knowledge needed for successful hiring.

How To Become a Smart Recruitment Specialist in 2022
In order to become a smart recruitment specialist , it is important to understand the changing landscape of the workforc...
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Why Recruitment is Important in An Organization?
Recruitment is important in an organization because it helps to ensure that the organization has the necessary talent an...
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HRH 13 Jennifer Perera | Employee Benefits
How Benefits Can Help You Attract And Retain Employees With Jennifer Perera
  Some employees find a hard time choosing the right employer for them because of a variety of factors. Som...
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HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos
Bring Your Job, Your Company, And Your Team To Life With Video With Jaime Geffner And Steve Geffner
  Video has become very popular in recent years as it has become the most effective way to grab someone’s ...
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HRH 11 Mark Fisher | Advocacy
Promoting Your Company Through Employee Advocacy With Mark Fisher and Julie Fisher
  Many people may not have heard the term “employee advocacy” before. In simple terms, it means when...
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HRH 10 | Recruit Top-Quality Employees
How Franchise Owners Can Recruit Top-Quality Employees With Traci Wilk
  One great employee is worth a handful of other mediocre candidates. Yet, admittedly, top-quality candidate...
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