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Bring Your Job, Your Company, And Your Team To Life With Video With Jaime Geffner And Steve Geffner

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Video has become very popular in recent years as it has become the most effective way to grab someone’s attention to your product or message. It has the same effect in recruitment marketing, as video has become an incomparable means of attracting quality candidates online. Joining Andrea Hoffer in this conversation, Jaime Geffner and Steve Geffner talk about the advantages that jobseekers and employers alike can get when they leverage video in the recruitment process. At Geffner Productions, Jaime and Steve are experts in teaching people video strategy, the technical side of creating videos, being comfortable on camera, and scripting. Through their signature program called Video Attraction Lab, they inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video, increase their impact, and grow their revenue. Listen in as they share some valuable tips that you can apply as you start to level up your recruitment with video. 

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Bring Your Job, Your Company, And Your Team To Life With Video With Jaime Geffner And Steve Geffner 

We all know that video has become very popular. If you want to grab someones attention to market your product or even to get your message heard, we know you need to use video. The engagement will be so much higher. Video is also popular within recruitment marketing. If you truly want to attract a good flow of quality candidates, then you should be using video. A text job posting is just not going to cut it anymore. We have been working with our clients to incorporate video into several stages of the recruitment process for a few years. 

Weve seen video not only increased engagement from potential candidates but also improve the quality of the candidates that we receive. However, we still get a lot of pushback from many of our clients because they are not comfortable on video. In 2020, we reached out to our friends at Geffner Productions and asked them if they could help us to improve our clients comfort level with video. Jaime and Steve Geffner were happy to help and weve been working with them ever since. Their involvement in this process has not only helped our clients feel more comfortable with being on camera but also has brought the level of the recruitment videos to a much higher level. 

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Im thrilled to have Jaime and Steve with us. Before I bring them on and introduce them, let me tell you about this incredible team. Steve and Jaime Geffner are video coaches, video marketing strategists, and an awardwinning husband and wife video producing team. They are the creators of Geffner Productions and Video Attraction Labwhere they inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video, increase their impact, and grow their revenue. Geffner Productions offers totally Done-For-Your professional video production services, Do-It-Yourself online courses, Done-With-You video services where they coach business owners how to film their videos, and then professionally edit the videos for them in a monthly membership club called Video Attraction Lab, where they support business owners to get into the action with video and hold them accountable to doing videos regularly for their business. Ive heard that service has become very popular. 

Before creating Geffner Productions together, Steve and Jaime each got their start in Hollywood, working for shows like Dr. Phil and Frasier. Over the last years, they have produced, filmed, and edited over 3,000 online videos for hundreds of business owners for their websites, blogs, social media pages, online courses, live events, and more. Steve and Jaime have been married since 2003 and they live in Orange County, California with their two-year-old son Oliver Milo Geffner whos affectionately called Baby OMG. I want to welcome Jaime and Steve to the show and see what they have to say.  

Welcome, Jaime and Steve. 

Thank you so much for having us. 

Were excited to be here. 

We are very excited to have you. I was wondering if you could start off your history. Your experience is amazing. Could you start off by sharing with us about Geffner Productions and what led you to establish this company after all of your Hollywood and TV experience? 

We both used to work in TV production, which is rarely where we learned to hone our skills. Jaime is getting great at helping people craft their content, be their best on camera, and be their authentic selves. Let themselves shine through in a powerful way. My expertise is a lot more on the technical side with the filmingediting, camera, lights, and all of that. We always wanted to find a way to work together and our skillset matched up perfectly. Aside from being a happily married couple, weve worked well together. Several years ago, when we decided that this is what were going to do, we saw a need for online video. 

It was starting to take off. We saw that business owners needed to put themselves out there, be visible, get in front of their ideal clients, and we had the ability to do so. Weve been filming and editing products for clients for many years. When the pandemic started shutting things down in 2020, we had to shift things in our business because we werent able to film in quite the same way. Thatwhen we created Video Attraction Lab, where we do a lot more coaching, educating business owners to do their own videos, and get the support they need. Its been a journey. 

We love working with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them step through the fears that are preventing them from getting on video, being comfortable with it, and helping with everything from the strategy and the tech part but theres a lot of mindsets that go into stepping through the fears of getting over that hump and being comfortable doing videos. Thats what we love doing and what we help with. 

HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos: Take the focus off of yourself and put it on what you’re trying to accomplish and who you’re trying to serve.


It is needed. I know video is important in everything having to do with businessI mentioned earlier that video is important in recruitment. How do you see video being key and getting some better outcomes in the recruitment process? 

Therea lot going on there with recruitment and the video process because of two parts to itTheres the part of the candidate whos looking for a job and then theres the part of the employer. Theyre two separate pieces. As a candidate, if youre looking for a job, youre not just looking for a job. Youre looking for the right job where you can be happy, thrive, contribute because as someone looking for a job, that is whats going to lead you to long-term success. That’s one part of it. As an employer, youre not just looking for any employee. You’re looking for the right candidate for a particular position in your company. It takes some time to find that person sometimes and also to train them, integrate them into your company culture, and get them fully up to speed with your company. 

That process can cost a lot of time and a lot of money, especially if you dont get it right the first time. It costs even more. Video can work in both of those ways for the candidate and for the employer to help the candidate know if the company that theyre looking at is a good fit for them, right fit for them, and going to meet all of their needs. It also helps the employer get to know the candidates through video and be able to tell if that person is indeed the right person for the job because as I was saying, if its not the right person, then its going to be a lot of time and money spent on bringing somebody on that’s not the right fit then they have to repeat that process with somebody new. 

The other good thing about video and how this fits in is that and this is maybe something that people dont exactly realize is that video is an instant attractor for the right fit people. It instantly attracts you to that job or helps the employer recognize that right person right away and says, “That’s the right team member for me.” It’s also an instant repeller which is also just as valuable that you can look at a video that somebody sent in and say, “Maybe thats not the right fit. You can look at a video about a company and say, “Maybe thats not the right fit.” Both of those things save you a lot of time and money. Thats the beauty of it. In the recruitment process, theres so much that can be done to help, save time, save money, and most importantly, make people feel better about the job they’re looking for.  

There are so many factors. “Is this the right position for me? Does it utilize my skills? Does it make me the right money? Am I going to be happy there? Am I going to be able to contribute meaningfully?” All these things are on the persons mind. For the employer, the other side of it, which is, “Am I hiring the right person? Are they about the right fit? Are they going to fit in well with the team? Are they going to drive the business forward? All of these things. It can help and make that process so much faster. 

We come to the part where we find both clients and employers are uncomfortable on video. We’re also asking, in many cases, the candidates to do their video at some point in the recruitment process. Could you share with us some tips to help people feel a little more comfortable on camera? 

The first thing you know is its not uncommon. Youre not alone. We hear all the time at work, primarily with business owners who are not comfortable or used to being on camera. You’re not alone if youre feeling that way. One great tip that we share in terms of doing video is to help you get over your fears. Realize its not about youIts about the viewer that is watching. What do they need from you? Take the focus off of yourself and put it on what youre trying to accomplish, who youre trying to help and serve. 

The person whos watching a video, whether its a recruitment video or any other video for your business, they need something from you. You’re sharing information with them in a way thats going to help them, and it’s going to help save you time, save you all that. By taking the focus off yourself, thats a great first step. You always think, “How do I look? How do I sound? Am I saying the right thing?” Think about whos watching that video and what do they need to hear from you. When you take the focus off yourselfit makes it so much easier every time you step in front of the camera. 

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It’s a simple trick, but its very powerful. People think, “What do you mean? Of course, its about me because Im the one thats on video.” Youre not recording a video to watch yourself. Youre recording a video, so somebody else can watch you and get something out of it because they always think what’s in it for meThey’re not thinking about you and all those things that annoy you about yourself, and how your voice sounds funnyhow you look, and how you need to lose 5 pounds. Nobody thinks that except for you. If you can simply remove yourself from that equation and say, Im not doing this for myself, Im not doing it to watch it myself. Im doing this to help and serve another human being. Somebody who needs something from me, and theyre watching this video and taking their time to watch me for a very specific and particular reason. 

If you can suspend your own doubt long enough to put that in your head, it will help you get over some of those fears quickly. There are few other good tips. One thing is that some of what we are afraid of is the unknown, especially when it comes to doing video. One other thing that helps is preparation. I know its simple, but the more that you understand, what are you doing? Why are you doing it? How do you do it? What should you expect out of recording a video or the video process in general? The more that you understand all that, the more youre going to eliminate one of those basic levels of fear about the unknown because we get afraid of things that we dont understand and that we dont know what to expect. 

Once you do understand that this is what it takes, then it removes that right away. Another big tip is also practice. Practice is a big thing. I dont know why sometimes people think that they should be able to turn on the camera and theyre going to be perfect at this. Its a learned skill, and its very different of a skill than speaking in public or speaking to a group of people because when youre doing video, you dont have the instant feedback normally. You dont have a group of people in your presence that you could look at them in the eyes, theyre clapping for you, and engaging with you. You have to create that excitement and the buzz yourself. It’s a different skill. 

Even people who are very skilled as a speaker that is very good at delivering content to a room full of people that have been doing this for years, sometimes, get afraid to be on video because there isnt that ability to pull the energy from the audience and play off of them. You have to be able to give yourself a break, be willing to practice, and try things long enough to be maybe a little bit bad at the beginning and then, and then get good at it. 

It gets easier over time. The more you do it, the more comfortable you get, and the easier it gets overtime for sure. 

I can attest to that. Not that Im perfectly comfortable with video, but Im a lot more comfortable with it than I was even many years ago. I do the practice. What are some ways you might suggest that employers could incorporate video into the recruitment campaign and maybe even some places they could put the video to enhance the recruitment? 

There’s a lot that you can do. Video can be such a powerful tool but it always starts with strategy first and being clear on whatever type of video youre doing. What is the goal behind that video? You can do general videos about the company as a whole. Why would someone want to work there? We do something called the employment brand story video, which is not a clientfacing video, but for the purpose of recruiting, hiring, and finding the right team members where youre maybe as the leader of the company being interviewed, but also interviewing some of the team members or key people that can share about the company culture. Why should someone want to work there? That’s great, more involved, professionally done type of video where you can share about the company as a whole that would get a potential candidate excited. 

That’s the professional route to go. If you were like, I need one great video that is going to show off my company in a highly professional way where somebody is going to watch it and completely understand what is this company culture like.” That big wow video about your company. That would be something that you might want to do professionally. We call that an employment brand story video, but the alternative to that, if youre not at that level yet, and youre like, I want to get started by myself. What can I do on my own?” It’s to do a general video message, lets say from the CEO or founder. 

If you dont have that employment brand story video yet or even as if you do as an extra special touch where the CEO or founder can welcome candidates in their own words, in a more conversational way, and where we can see them putting themselves on video, sharing their passion for their company, just as theyre asking the candidates to do in the recruitment process to record a video where they talk about why they want to work for the company. The CEO or founder would record something where they are setting the bar, setting the standard, and saying like, Im doing this. Maybe Im not comfortable on camera, but Im asking you to do it. I’m doing it first to show you that you can do it.” 

That’s one way to use video. Another way is to do specific videos for a particular position. Let’s say youre hiring for position A, position B, and position C. You can do specific videos for each of those positions to attract that right candidate to each of those individual positions where you talk about what is the position, what are the responsibilities, whos a good candidate, and then you ask for the candidate to submit a video hopefully after. That’s another way to use it. It’s to have the candidate then submit a video to apply for the position. 

HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos: You have to be able to give yourself a break, be willing to practice, and try things long enough to be a little bit bad at the beginning and then get good at it.


Another cool one too that you might not be thinking about is testimonial videos. Oftentimes, we hear about testimonials and we think from a client whos had success working with your business or buying through your product or service but you can do the exact same thing with team members who are your happiest, most loyal people who have been there a while that understand what its like to work there and can communicate that in a way thats different than what the CEO or founder can. Having the employee testimonials. He can certainly weave in client and customer testimonials as well to get people excited to want to work there. Employee testimonials can go a long way to helping potential team members get excited about wanting to join the company. 

If the employees are not completely averse to being on video might be excited because its like theyre attracting their new work family. They might be excited to share their passion for the company and find the right people that are going to come to play with them every day at the office because it is. You’ve spent so much time at work and you want to like the people that you are working with. It could be a good way for a candidate to look at that video and say, “What are the types of people that work there? Who would I be working with?” For the employee, to be able to have the opportunity to share in their own words, make it less scary for the candidate as well, share what theyre looking for, and who they think would be a good fit because thats a person thats going to come into their space and come into the company. Everybody wants to be happy and play well with each other. It’s powerful. 

There are other things that you can do to show the personality of your company and the culture. There are things you can do with the employee onboarding process. You can use video in that process to get people up to speed, appreciating your team members, and all that. Those are some of the biggest ones that can make an immediate, noticeable impact on the hiring process. 

I want to touch on a couple of them. First of all, employee testimonials. We are always pushing for those, whether theyre by video or written. Video is as much more impactful. As you said, Jaime, people want to meet their future coworkers and they trust what they say more than maybe coming from the CEO. On the other side, we get a lot of pushback from candidates about doing video because we often ask them to do oneway video early on in the process. Whenever we have a CEO, a hiring manager, or department manager, do that video first, the one you were describing where, Im doing it too. Im not comfortable either, but I’m excited that youre interested in my position,” we get much better response from candidates than if we dont have that video. Thank you so much for making those points. 

As an employer, you have to inspire people. You’re the employer and the leader. You have created the company, or youre in a very high position at a company, depending on what type of company it is, but you are the leader. You’re the one who has to take that first step and inspire people to want to come and work with you and your company. Being willing to take a step that you were asking somebody else to take is a wonderful way to inspire people into action, to say, Im willing to do. I put my money out there. Im willing to do what Im asking you to do.” That act in and of itself is going to inspire people who are the right fit when they see that. 

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If they are like, “That’s great.” They’re going to want that job so bad. They’re going to step up and say, I want to do this. I need to now show this person, this woman, or this man who is so awesome that Im the right person to come in and work for their company. Now they’re in the position of proving themselves to you because youve done something that has a spark or has taken things to the next level. It’s not a matter of, “Should I apply for this job, this position or this one?” 

Its a matter of, “That is the job for meI need to show up and do what they asked me to do, so I can get this job because I know in my gut thats the job for me.” That is what you do as an employer. When you put together a video like that, you take it to the next level. You get them into action. You get them truly inspired and those right fit people are going to see that, and they’re going to be like, “Done. This is my job. They’re going to do that video and its going to be great. When you see that video, youre going to be like, “That’s my person. 

Is there a specific way that employers could highlight their uniqueness in these recruitment videos? What would that be? 

There are several ways. One thing to do is to talk about why you started the company. If youre not the owner but you are the face and voice of the brand, then talk about why the company was startedWhere did the passion for the company come from? Thats a great way to differentiating your company because thats one of the things you want to do is you want to differentiate your company for somebody whos looking to work for your company. Another thing is making sure that the person whos watching truly understands why this company is different, why does this company stands out as a provider of products or services, and as an employer as well. 

Another way you can do that is by sharing some company culture, values, and what its like to work for the company. Those are great ways. The other thing to remember is that when somebody is looking for a job or a career, there are two separate issues that are going on at the same time. The candidate themselves might have multiple needs. Let’s say need number one is the candidate needs the job. They might need money or may even be, in some cases, in a desperate situation where they need money badly. They need to make themselves attractive to you as the employer so that they can get their first issue taken care of. That’s to get a job and secure a position. Thats going to allow them to live, support themselves, and their families. 

That could be bottomline need number one, but then need number two, the deeper need is that the candidate wants a workplace where they can be happy and thrive. They want to be in an environment thats supportive. They want to find a place where theyre accepted as an employee. They want to find a place where they feel good going to work every day where they feel valued and supported. They might both need income. They ultimately need to contribute meaningfully to be happy longterm with your company. They want to feel like this is not just a workplace or a job, but this is their life. You, as an employer, having an opportunity to use video to help them with that deeper issue or need thats going on. They might accept a job in any job for money. 

If you find somebody who accepts a job just for money, what do you think is the level of commitment of somebody who takes on a job versus the level of commitment of someone who accepts a job or position for reason number two where theyre looking for deeper meaning in their life, be supported, thrive in their life, and in their career? The question that you have to ask yourself as an employer ishow much time and money can you save if you incorporate both of these needs into your recruitment process? Video can help you to do that. 

We hear a lot of that with potential candidates. Were seeing candidates even willing to work at a lower pay if they feel like the culture is going to be someplace theyll thrive or if it also adds in some things like flexibility, working from home, either all the time or sometimes. These are all things that are almost becoming more of a priority than the money issue. Im glad you brought that up. Where should the employers start? You gave us many different video ideas that all sounded like we all should be doing. How should they start when theyre thinking about adding video to recruitment? 

The first thing to think about is dont get overwhelmed and feel like you need to do all of it right now. Thats not what were trying to communicate for sure. It’s about starting at whatever level you can. If youre a bigger company and you have the ability to invest in getting some higher quality professional videos like employment brand story video done, that might serve you and your company well. 

If youre a smaller company and you want to learn to do these types of videos on your own, its not about being perfect on these videos. It’s about connecting with people and presenting yourself in a way where youre communicating effectively and oppressing these potential job candidates. You can always work on improving the quality of videos as you grow, as you continue to do it. You can work on improving your level of confidence on camera, your delivery, and all of that as you go on. 

Don’t let the fear of, I’m not comfortable doing this. I dont know exactly what to say. It stops you from getting started because by being getting going, being authentic, being vulnerable. You want to do it in a way that accurately represents you, your company, and your brand, but getting started with it is going to help you attract the right people to use. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process. Start where you can, iyou have the ability to invest in some professional videos, great. If not, then you can certainly learn to do it on your own. 

They’re not going to invest right away or theyre going to do some professional videos and some on their own. What type of equipment would you recommend that they get? 

It depends on the size of your company and how professional you need it to be. Is the person whos going to be doing the filming savvy and understands the tech or not? You can go from one end of the spectrum or you can use your smartphone. iPhones and Samsung phones had great cameras in them. If you have the ability to get started with something using your phoneyoure comfortable, and its going to get you into action, then start there. If you want to start upping the game and getting more professional with your videos, especially if youre going to be doing videos on a consistent basis, that probably makes more sense, which as business owners, you should be. 

There are people that want to invest and get some equipment with cameras and a microphone, so you sound clear and crisper to everybody. Some lights that would help you show up, no pun intended, choosing the right filming space, and the right background in your office. Thats going to be inspiring for people. You dont have to go off and spend a ton of money on fancy equipment. There’s a lot of things you can do to get started. It depends on what your goals are and what you think you’re going to be doing on an ongoing basis. 

HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos: Employee testimonials can go a long way to helping potential team members get excited about wanting to join the company.


You can hire professionals to help you with this process or you can learn to do it on your own, but if youre going to learn to do it on your own, you have to do it well because the whole point of using video is to attract those rightfit candidates. You have to look at it as an investment of your time, potentially your moneyin making sure that your company is going to be securing the right hires because what we were saying before, how much time are you wasting? How much money are you wasting? What’s the opportunity cost of the situation if you waste time and hire the wrong people? That’s a lot of time, money, and energy. If youre looking at it that way, then it is worth investing in a hiring company like yours and a video company like ours to either do things for you completely, do things with you, or coach you and guide you on what you can do on your own. 

We can train you or your team members to do it. It’s an investment either way of your time, money, or both, but its worth it because you’re going to be maximizing your ability to recruit, train, keep, and hold on to those great candidates that are going to help your business to the next level. The money that you spent on professionals if youre going to go that route is going to save you so much time and money. lot of these things are a one-time investment, and then you use the skills that you learned for the rest of your life for every single person you hire moving forward. Every single time that you record a video, whether it be for the recruiting processonboarding process, or marketing videos for your business. 

It’s worth to think about iin that way where taking the time and maybe even spending some money to get these things right, and how much time and energy thats going to save you when you find the right people. Its not even just that. Its like, if you hire the wrong people, then it drags your company down. You waste time, you waste money but then think about it on the opposite side. What happens when you hire the right person and how much can that person help you grow your company when theyre the right fit because youve attracted them through good video that is one of the steps 

How much is that going to help you get to the next level so much faster, so its not just like the whole year if you hired the wrong person, but how much further along would you be when you have the right person on your team that’s pushing the vision of your company forward. Starting with doing great videos that attract the right person when they see that video and they know this is the right company for them, that person is going to be so excited to work for youabout your vision, take your business to the next level 

What are you missing out on if you didnt get that person because you didnt take any of the steps necessary at the very beginning of the process to attract the right person to youTheres so much thats possible that people don’t think about because they get afraid or they think, “How much time its going to take? How much money does it take? I dont have time for that. I dont have money for that. All of these excuses come up. We are here to help you and your company is here to help people. If they take that seriously from the get-go, how much further could they be, how much faster, and how much less frustration could they have? It’s an opportunity to take things to the next level, take them seriously, and improve things quickly for your company. 

In 2020, Zoom interviews became the most popular way to do at least the 1st or 2nd interview, even if the candidate is local due to the pandemic. A lot of people were not used to being on Zoom, to begin with, but especially, “How do I put my best foot forward?” I’m not talking about the candidate here. I’m talking about the employer. We always observe these Zoom interviews that our employers do with the candidates that we send them. We had them record it and send it to us. It’s very interesting for us to watch because we often see these CEOs who we know are very strong, capable people. On the Zoom interview, theyre coming up almost a little timid. Not all of them, but some of them. Could you share with us a few tips that you would have for employers when theyre doing an interview over Zoom or any other kind of video? 

Ill give you the first one because this is my favorite one. One of the things that people miss completely when it comes to Zoom is the point of using video is to make a connection. You need to make a connection with your viewer. One of the easiest, fastest, quickest, hands down ways to do this is you have to look at the camera lens when youre talking. When people are on Zoom, you see them looking downlooking at themselves on the screenor looking at the other people on the screen. That is so much less powerful than looking directly at that camera lens. If youre doing this on your computer because most people use Zoom on their computer these days, theres a little green light on the top of my computer right there. 

Right next to that little green light is a camera. That is exactly where you want to be looking that’s going to increase your connection. Its going to make people feel more connected to you. You want to think of that camera lens as your viewers eyes. If you were in person with somebody and you went to a restaurant, eating with them, or you were sitting across the table from somebody in a conference room, at a meeting, if you were sitting there and youre looking down, around, or in your notes, and youre not looking at themwhat is the level of connection that you have with somebody in that in-person scenario versus when you look them directly in the eye. You talk to them, they know that youre paying attention, and youre listening to them. 

Thats what it feels like when you look into the camera lens. It doesn’t matter if youre doing it on your computer or your building with a real camera, then theres like a huge camera lens right in front of you. When youre recording on your phone, you want to look where the camera is. If youre doing it this way, theres a camera right there. Thats where youre looking. That’s a big tip that will instantly improve somebodys level of connection and make people who are watching take you more seriously. 

It’s hard to do that, especially if youre using your computer or your phone, and youre tempted to want to look at yourself or look at other people, maintaining eye contact with the viewer, itll get easier. The more you do it, youll notice it gets more comfortable, but it’s such an important point to make an emotional connection and connect with the person whos watching. Another thing to consider is where youre filming and the space that youre in also. What’s visible in the frame? Everything from what youre wearing. Is your hair and makeup done? What is your background look like and the lighting? All is telling a story. Its all adding up to something. Even if its subconscious, the viewer is noticing certain things. 

It speaks to your attention to detail, the quality of potentially your products and services. You want to always think about showing up in the highest quality way that you can. Choosing the right spot in your office, even if its a home officecan be a big part of that process as well because everything youre doing is representing your brand. You want it to be inviting, inspiring, and use it as an opportunity, not just, “Let me show up on camera and have this interview. Those are a couple of big things that can take the quality, look, feel, and interaction that youll notice in your Zoom calls up a big notch. 

Its interesting that you say that because it comes naturally to look at the people on the screen who Im speaking with because thats how I think Im keeping eye contact. It makes absolute sense. To them, it looks like Im looking down, and Im not looking at them in the eyes. Thank you for that. 

When you go back and watch the videos that youve recorded after the fact, you’ll notice.  

You’re going to be like, I looked down. 

Im saying for anybody whoreading when you go back. Youll notice, Why do I look like Im looking off to the side or down?” Try it next time, where you focus on that camera lens when youre recording. Watch that video go back, and see if theres any difference in how you perceive it, the connection you feel by watching that video. 

If you need to, you can put something at the top of the computer to remind you. You could put a little stuffed animal up there. You can put a picture. Make sure you don’t cover the camera lens. You can put a little picture up there to remind you to talk to that person. You have to pretend like theres a person right there. Pretend that the camera lens is your viewer’s eyes. You got to trick yourself into this. It’s not easy at first because youre like, Im staring at a light. Im staring at a lens, and thats not natural.” That’s why people find it a little bit challenging because theres no feedback from that. 

It’ll feel a little awkward at first, but you get used to it. I promise. 

Is there anything that we havent covered that you would like to bring up before we wrap things up? 

In general, when we talk about video, other than being face-to-face with someone in person, which these days are a little trickier than it had been in the past, theres no more powerful way to interact with someone online than to do it through video, whether its a live Zoom call or a prerecorded video. There’s no more powerful way to be able to feel someones energy, to hear the intonation in their voice, to connect with them. Whether youre doing videos that are clientfacing to help you sell your products and services, or for the hiring and recruiting purposes, to be able to find and attract the right team members. 

When you do the video right and well, and have a clear intention behind every video that you do, and take the focus off yourself and think, “What is the person watching this video need from me? What do they want? Why are they clicking on this video? When you can do that, youll notice the level of connection totally change and people will feel like they know you. When you talk to them, theyll have a different level of connection because of the videos theyve seen. It’s such a powerful way to connect in this day and age where so much of what we do is online. 

Another good point about that is you want to try to duplicate the type of connection that you can have in person. There’s no better way to connect in personnext to somebody. You can touch their arm or look at them in the eye. You can get on the same page with somebody. It’s always going to be the best way to connect with someone is to be with them in person, so you could feel their energy. When youre using video, what youre trying to do is get as close as possible to replicating that level of connection. The same things that you feel when youre in person, that deep level of intimacy and connection that you can have that virtually with people, which means if you can create that level of connection, you can talk to 1 person, 10 people, 1,000 people, 1 million people. You can record a video one time that reaches one million people. 

If you can get good at this and you can create that level of connection, every person who watches it is going to feel like youre talking directly to them. That is what youre going for. When we talk about the in-person thing, thats the best way to connect with. The secondbest way to connect in a virtual world is to try to find a way to make it feel like an in-person connection, but youre doing it virtually. All these tips that were giving you aboutlooking at the camera lens, putting your best foot forward, and all the things that you do to present yourself, make sure your delivery is on par, and make sure youre comfortable, all the things that you do, all the little details that go into making great videos is all about making the connection as strong as it can possibly be. 

If you can make a strong connection, then you can have every part of your customer journey and your recruitment process represented via video, which is going to save you time, moneyand allow you to reach people that you couldnt reach any other way. You cant be in person with people who are across the world from you. In this day and age, you might not be able to be the person with people who are down the street from you. We’re in a virtual world for good or for bad. From this point forward, things have changed. It’s time to get used to and comfortable with using video. We’re here to make that process as easy and doable for you as possible in every part of your business. We love doing that. 

Can you tell us about your Video Attraction Lab? What its all about? If anybodys interested, how they’d sign up? 

We created this as a way to be able to help business owners anywhere. There are still business owners that want us to do video for them. We created a Video Attraction Lab as a way to get people into action to teach everything from video strategy, the technical side of doing videos, being comfortable on camera, what do I say in my videosand how do I script them. All of the reasons and excuses weve heard over the years about why business owners dont do video, weve packaged it in a way where we can coach business owners monthaftermonth to get into action and start implementing video strategically to grow their business and attract the right clients or team members to them. We love this. 

We’ve loved doing the video for many years. Now that weve taken on more of this coaching and support role, or we educate about the video, wdo a lot of Q&As to get questions answered. We love it. It’s taken on a life of its own and the community of business owners that weve built that are taking part in this monthaftermonth. Its filled with the most incredible people in all different industries, all over the country, all over the world. 

They’re inspiring each other. That’s another key part. Its not just us coaching. We could coach people one-on-one privately, but weve created a community so that people have community around doing video because video can be so isolating. It can feel terrible if you are doing it by yourself, you dont feel like it, and you have dread around it. 

You’re not getting the results, but youre not sure why. 

You dont know what to do. Should I give up?” You get stuck on something like a technology question or, “What equipment do I use? What types of videos should I do? Is this working for me? All of the things that stop you prevent you from using this incredibly powerful tool in your business. People get stuck. We created a community so that you wouldnt be alone anymore. It’s not just us in our coaching, expertise, guidanceand all the things we think you should know. 

Its being part of a community where youre supporting other business owners. Theyre supporting you. Youre getting feedback on the videos that youre doing. Youre trying things out in a safe place, and youre no longer alone on your video journey. We found that having community around doing the video is incredibly powerful because not only do you get into action, but you get inspired by other people. They share ideas, and then youre like, I can do that for my business. I never wouldve thought of before.” It’s fun. It’s huge for people. We didnt have this before. Wed never seen any type of community like this, and we created it. It’s taken on a life of its own, and it’s amazing. 

We created a special link for your audience to learn more about it. You can go to You can learn all about the Video Attraction Lab, the community weve built, and see everything that includes. It’s become a great resource that its providing great value for the people that are in the club, but its also providing great value for us in terms of feeling like were able to make a bigger impact and contribute in a way that we werent able to before. 

Im planning on doing it because I know I need to do it, and who better to hang out with in the two of you? You’re so much fun and informative. If somebody is not sure if the Video Attraction Lab is right for them, but they do want to learn about your other services. How should they reach out to you? 

Email is a great way to connect with us, and 

You can send an email to one of us personally or you can also write to if you want to send a general email about the cluband we respond to that. Sometimes someone writes to us, and they want to learn more. We need to set up a call to get to know them better. You can send us an email to any of those email addresses. Well get a call set up to discuss with you if you need that. 

HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos: The whole point of using video is to attract right-fit candidates. You have to look at it as an investment of your time and money.


You two have been wonderful guests. It’s been so much fun. We’ve learned so much from you. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. 

Thanks for having us, Andrea. It’s great to be here. We’ll do it again soon. 

It was so much fun talking about recruitment marketing and recruiting videos. It’s not that we talk a lot about it but I want to talk more about it because its fun, and there’s so much that can be done to help your clients and help people with this process. We love to be part of it. Let’s do it again soon. 

Definitely. Thank you to everybody joining us for this episode. Please stay safe. Have a happy and great day. 

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