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Why Your Business Needs a Career Website (and What to Include)

We all know that business owners need a professional website. But now, it’s time to move beyond the most basic website advice and capitalize on the power of your site for a new audience… job candidates. Career Site For Your Business

To run a growing business, you need a great team. Having a career website provides advantages. So, we wanted to share a few important benefits your career website can provide and what you should include on the site to get the best results. 

A Career Site Benefits your Business

Having a career website can positively impact your bottom line. It can help create efficiencies, save time and money and increase your online presence. When you feature a career website within your business website you will: 

  • Drive Engaged Applicants, not Passive People
    Job boards can help promote your opportunities, but many people haphazardly send their resume to many postings without fully understanding it. This can waste your time and resources. A serious applicant wants to know more about you and the opportunity before applying. They will look for who you are, what you stand for, and how they fit in. You can present all this information on your career site, which weeds out unqualified candidates, saving you time and money. 
  • Reduce Cost-Per-Hire
    Posting to many job boards can raise expenses and increase your cost-per-hire as you spend money to advertise externally. But when you invest in your own branded career site, you can reduce your external expenses by driving traffic to your website. And new job candidates can also become customers and brand advocates. 
  • Build Trust to Create Customers
    When your clients see you have a growing team, their confidence in you increases. And since we choose to do business with those we trust, building trust is going to help you build your clientele. 
  • Increase Business Visibility
    The more relevant information you have on your site about your industry and business, the better. When you add a career site to your website you are increasing the likelihood to be found by both customers and candidates alike. 

What to Include on Your Career Site

Here are some must-haves to include on your career site which can help support your business goals. Also, consider how you word information as it is often as important as what you include. Your goal is to present your business or company as an employer of choice. 

  • Your Company Story
    Beyond the basics of company benefits, be sure to include day-in-the-life photos of your company and employees. Consider creating a 1-2-minute employer brand video to provide a company overview of your history, values and mission. Current employees could be a part of those videos.  
  • Candidate Coaching Tips
    You can share some insight and guidance for applicants by providing interview preparation tips, resumé tips, recommendations on how to dress for your company culture, and what to expect once they have applied. 
  • A FAQ List
    A list of frequently asked questions on your career site can help create efficiencies in your process so you don’t have to answer the same questions over again. It also empowers candidates to be proactive. 
  • Career Promotion Stories
    Candidates want to know they have a future working for your business or company. On your career site, you can share stories about how others have made moves within your company to advance their career. 
  • Giving Back and Belonging
    A sense of purpose is motivational for both employees and candidates. Does your team volunteer in the community? People look for a sense of belonging with their employer. A career site gives you space to share how you give back together, outside of work. 
  • Human Resources Plus Uniqueness
    Of course, information such as policies, benefits and perks from HR are great to include. However, just as important is what makes your company unique. Think about why your business does the work that it does, and this helps to shape what makes you a unique (and excellent) place to work. 
  • Navigation Clarity
    Make it easy to find and apply to your job opportunities. Use noticeable buttons and create an easy-to-follow process. Today we live in information overload. To be effective, keep it simple. Create a place for passive candidates to sign up for future opportunities to help build your candidate pipeline
  • Meet the Team
    Companies are people too! Include a human element by featuring team photos and job titles some (or all) of your team. They might even share their story of working for your business and how it set them up for career success.   

Hire Top Talent with Your Career Site

Now that you have the foundation you can begin to gather the necessary information to create your career website. Top candidates on the job market will want to research your business to understand how they fit in. 

Having access to the most talented job candidates on the market gives your business a competitive advantage. Taking the time to invest in your career site will help you build the team you need to grow your business successfully.  

If this seems overwhelming please reach out for a free consultation, we have resources to make the process much easier. For a decade now we’ve been helping business owners and leaders find great employees, so their hiring process is stress free. 

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