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How Everything DiSC® can help us understand “why we do what we do.”

How Everything DiSC® can help us understand “why we do what we do.”

DiSC is an acronym standing for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, though there are other descriptors in those word families used for the same traits. Since its inception, Everything DiSC® has grown to become one of the most popular models for understanding human behavior. Understanding how much it can help your business can lead to more effective leadership and teamwork.

Breaking down the four Everything DiSC® styles


May also be referred to as Doers and Drivers. Dominance is the first of two fast-paced or action-oriented behavioral styles. People with the D style are frequently group leaders, organizers, and managers because of their highly result-oriented attitude. They’re bold and aren’t given to time-wasting.

The “D” could also stand for “determination” since this type is highly motivated to succeed in everything they do. Their go-getter style may see them taking risks rather than pondering decisions over time.


The second of the fast-paced group is known for being out-going. “i” types are socially and emotionally adept. They get along well with co-workers and customers and are giving of their time and energy. As such, they are a great choice when it comes to building bridges with the public or with peers.

Their positive attitude makes them a popular choice to train new hires or further the skills of existing staff. “i” types are strong team players, but they may require some prodding to keep their focus on the deadline because of their sociable nature.


People with this style are the first of the two more reserved styles. These are the team members who are highly reliable, consistent in their performance and positively predictable in their behavior. “S” types tend to focus intently on their work and will always get to the finish line.

They can handle a leadership role well because of their level-headed and steady approach. Downsides of a high “S” is that they may react slowly to significant changes in the project plan/workplace, and an inability to perform well on more than one project at a time.


Sometimes seen as cautious and careful people, from the second more reserved behavioral style. Those with a “C” style prefer to work in a clearly defined role. They are often very analytical and work in a systematic way.  You can be sure of getting what you asked for from a “C”; their respect for the rules and care to get it right will produce the goods.

This virtue can also be a vice; those with a high “C” style may need more time to ensure everything they touch is accurate, so managers may have to check in on them to ensure deadlines are being met and they are given sufficient time to complete projects to their satisfaction.

Using the Everything DiSC® results

The depth of DiSC is often increased by bringing in an experienced facilitator to walk you through the profile and activities.  The true value of Everything DiSC® comes alive from the conversations that come out of an effective facilitation.  Listening to how your co-worker explains his profile can create an “AHA!” moment that helps you build a better work relationship.

What Everything DiSC® does for a business

Communication is the watchword of all business success: when you communicate successfully internally, your business runs to peak potential. Everything DiSC® helps a business understand itself from within; managers learn the priorities of their team as well as themselves. Effective leadership is impossible without an awareness of both these factors.

Everything DiSC® can be a great jump start when onboarding new hires, revealing their work and communication patterns as early as day one. It is like a chart sheet to get to know someone quicker.  Having this data can also be a valuable tool for Human Resources going forward; workplace conflicts and other negative issues can be avoided when a company understands their team. This creates a stronger workplace culture.

How Everything DiSC® Can Help You

Here at AHA! Business Consulting, we provide several Everything DISC-based resources covering topics like sales, leadership, productive conflict, and management. Most importantly, we offer the mobile-friendly learning model that keeps the learnings from Everything DiSC® alive.

The portal can be accessed from a mobile device, allowing every user to easily access data not only on themselves and their co-workers but also their customers via interactive maps. Individuals can be also be assessed in comparison to their groups.

Everything DiSC® provides a common language for each team member to self-assess and relate to their peers. This kind of data promotes self-awareness and self-regulation which allows managers to recognize what are productive personal routes for the team, and which ones will lead to conflict.

The bottom line

Everything DiSC® can save time and money by providing you with a language to discuss behavior in a safe, constructive, and fun way!

AHA! Business Consulting provides you with tools to streamline and improve the effectiveness of your employee selection process. It’s our job to help you find, train and keep amazing team members. If you’d like to have an ally in hiring all the right people, you can reach us on our contact page.

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