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Why Do a Pre-hire Assessment?

Hire the right person for the job, right from the start.Hire the right person for the job, right from the start.

Envision the following scenarios:

  1. You’ve brought in a dozen candidates for interviews for front desk sales associate positions at your health club. Several people seem promising, but you don’t have positions for all of them. How are you going to choose who will get an offer?
  2. You need several patient registration specialists and advertised the position on a job board. Now you are flooded with hundreds of resumes. Who has the time to slog through them to determine who to bring in for interviews?
  3. Everyone in your organization seems to have a different opinion on which interviewees should be hired. How do you decide?
  4. There are several different job openings in your organization, and you’ve interviewed someone you like a lot, but are not sure where they’d fit best. Now what?

There is a lot riding on making good hiring decisions, because making bad ones are costly in many ways.  You don’t want to waste time interviewing candidates that really aren’t a good fit for the job. That’s wasted productivity. You don’t want to hire the wrong people. That means more turnover, which means more training time, resources and expense. And turnover can create critical staffing gaps, which means your customers or clients might not be getting the level of service they expect from you, with the result that they take their business elsewhere. Additionally, turnover can decrease morale, and create ill-will towards your company.

So, how can you decrease the chance of making hit or miss hires and increase your odds of hiring the right person for the job, right from the start?

A pre-hire assessment will help

Adding a quantitative component, like a pre-hire assessment, to the hiring process helps organizations to be more objective in their approach to candidate selection. Administered to applicants before the interviews, a good pre-hire assessment fills the gap between the resume and the interview, providing you with actionable, objective data about candidates to help you determine who would make the best hire.

A powerful pre-assessment tool is a validated, in-depth measure of a person’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests that provides you with clear, consistent information, so you can objectively compare multiple candidates for a single position, or compare a candidate to multiple positions in your company. Pre-hire assessments add invaluable insights no matter what jobs you are filling, be they customer-facing salespeople or backroom strategists. For all positions from entry-level employees to top managers, a good tool can be customized to measure what matters most.

A comprehensive pre-hire assessment can help your hiring managers interview better and hire smarter. Interviewing is inherently subjective, and most hiring managers don’t have training on how to ask questions. Yet they have make or break hiring decision power. With an assessment tool, interviewers can get recommended questions about relevant job-specific questions, tailored to the interviewee, so you obtain more in-depth information about the candidate. An objective pre-hire assessment takes some of the bias and inexperience out of the equation to make the hiring process more effective.

Increase your ability to make great hires

AHA! Impressions offers PXT Select, one of the most robust pre-hire assessment tools available, that you can administer yourself, or our experts can help you with turnkey recruitment services so you can get back to doing what you do best. Contact us today for a free consultation and more details on our pre-hire assessment.

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