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What Are the Most Desired Incentives in a Workplace?

Effective workplace incentives can improve morale and productivity. They can also improve the public perception of your brand if you participate in activities, like Habitat for Humanity as an office team. While there are many different kinds of perks, some work better than others. Here’s a look at some of the most effective ones. Employee Incentives

Straight Cash

Cash can be an excellent motivator in the workplace, particularly at year’s end when that big flurry of holidays rolls around. The trick to making cash a good motivator is to make sure that it’s enough to make a difference and that it comes at the right time (like the end of the year). Along the same lines, gift cards, gift certificates, or other monetary incentives can be good motivators too. These could be gift cards for restaurants, a night at the movies, or a hobby store that you know your employee loves.

Work Incentives

Site-specific workplace incentives, like prime parking spots and the use of the executive lunchroom, are very motivating to some employees. Other ideas include on-site massages or personal training classes. These are most often used in wellness challenges in workplaces. If you’re not sure whether your on-site incentives will motivate your employees, you might do a quick poll before starting your incentive program. This will help you tighten up your plans before you implement your program.

Vacation Perks

It’s amazing how a little time off can change a person’s outlook on life. If your team is going through a particularly busy time, then one of the best incentives you can give them is the promise of time off once the work is done. Just make sure that you follow through. Don’t promise and then forget to deliver. Too much work makes even the most enthusiastic and dedicated employees feel burned out and unappreciated. Offering employees some extra vacation days may be just what they need to stay motivated for the long haul.

If you find that your employees are experiencing low morale or are just not completing projects in a timely manner, then you might consider adding a workplace incentive program. These programs let employees know that you value them and that you see them as more than just numbers. The right incentives also add to your workplace culture, giving your company a reputation as being a cool place to work. In the latter case, this is important if you want to continue to attract the best and the brightest talent to your team.

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