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Texting May Help You Land Your Dream Job Candidate

Texting May Help You Land Your Dream Job Candidate on ahabusinessconsulting.com5 benefits of using text messaging for talent recruiting

Text messaging is a convenient way to have instant communication, which has made it a popular tool for hiring managers and recruiters. Texting has many benefits that can make the recruitment process easier and more efficient. “Faster response times, increased engagement and an improved candidate experience are a few of the notable benefits,” according to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Five reasons why texting can improve the recruitment process

1.  Text recruiting gives you the ability to customize your contact lists.

With texting, you can create lists of recipients, which allows you to send different messages to each list. You might have a list based on credentials or lists relating to the phase of the recruitment process. You can also send personalized messages to individuals.

2.  Text recruiting is faster and more direct.

Unlike a phone call or even email, a text is received immediately. Since most people have their phones with them all the time, your message is more likely to be read right away. Texting makes it easier for candidates to respond as well, which is ideal for time-sensitive information or simply getting a better response rate. This can speed up the recruitment process since you won’t have to wait hours or even days until the person checks his or her email or voicemail.

3.  Text recruiting is more flexible.

You can use texting for nearly anything:

  • Send invites to candidates to apply for a job
  • Send notifications to keep candidates up-to-date on the status of their application
  • Set up or confirm interviews
  • Send messages asking for feedback about your recruitment process

4.  Text recruiting is convenient and efficient.

Phone calls can be ignored. Emails might be overlooked or wind up in the recipient’s SPAM folder. They are more likely to see and respond to a text message. Candidates can also respond to text messages at times when other types of communication aren’t appropriate. This is especially helpful for candidates who are currently employed and looking to switch jobs or companies.

5.  Text recruiting is a better tool for reaching younger generations.

Millennials, Gen Z, and even many Gen Xers are more comfortable with smartphones, so texting is second nature to them. Many younger workers prefer texting over phone calls. If you want to tap into a new generation of candidates, it’s wise to learn how to use technology that appeals to them.

Three rules to remember for recruiting via text message

Although using texting for recruiting is convenient and efficient, there are some things to keep in mind, so you don’t abuse the privilege or do something that can turn off promising candidates.

 1.  Always get permission first. Discuss how you will use text messages with candidates at the outset of the process and then only send texts when necessary.

2.  Keep texting to a minimum. Even if you have permission, don’t go overboard. Limit texting to automated notifications to confirm a date/time for an interview and status updates.

3.  Always be professional. Remember that every text message represents your company’s brand. Keep messages professional and stay away from emojis, or cute abbreviations that could be misinterpreted.

If done right, texting can have many benefits in your recruitment process. Do your homework and see how you can incorporate this technology into your plans to give you a leg up on landing top talent.

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