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Improve On-boarding with Technology

It’s in every arena of modern life. It’s transforming the way we shop, communicate, entertain and live life – it’s technology. But can critical human resources functions be digitized? What can technology provide when it comes to recruiting for small- and medium-sized businesses? And what techy tools can update the age-old process of on-boarding new hires? As it turns out… a lot.

Tech Improves Onboarding_AHABusinessConsulting

Tech Improves Onboarding at AHABusinessConsulting

Get On Board

After the recruitment phase, and the offer is accepted, it’s an exciting time! The perfect candidate is finally sitting across from you in your office. The welcome email is sent to the team, you take them to lunch and they get their packet of paperwork to read, review and return. Done and on board, right? Wrong. 

As one Forbes article noted, the lack of effective on-boarding is “a major reason why companies lose…20% of all staff… within 45 days of employment.” That’s a costly endeavor when much of it is preventable. 

Technological Tools

To effectively on-board a new hire, take the opportunity to clearly define job responsibilities, provide effective training and ensure colleagues provide a warm welcome. After all the time, effort, and resources spent recruiting this can be daunting to take on. So, here are a few technological tools to help you ensure effective on-boarding: 

  1. Be Form Friendly– Shuffling through a lot of paperwork can be tedious. Today people expect mobile-friendly forms to make the process less painful. 
  2. Use Video– Team video introductions can be filmed on a smart phone and shared before the first day on the job. This way, the new team member can skip asking, “what’s your name again and what do you do?”  
  3. Project Manage– Trello is a project management tool that HR professionals can use to ensure all steps in the onboarding process occur seamlessly and consistently. They even have a new employee on-boarding template that you can start using for free.  
  4. Solve with Software– Talmundo uses artificial intelligence to build an inspired and engaged team. This comprehensive, specialized on-boarding software is built on the idea that technology should help, not complicate HR jobs. 
  5. Digitize Training– Much is gained from collaborating in person for professional development training, but training around company history and other evergreen information that applies company-wide can be distributed in a Learning Management System (LMS). One example is SkyPrep, which is specifically made for HR functions. It provides a space to upload videos, create permissions and view analytics to track progress. 

Manage For Results

Of course, all the technological advances in the world don’t mean a thing if they aren’t implemented correctly and consistently. It’s one thing to have the tools, it’s another thing to manage and maintain them. If you are a business owner or HR professional that could use some support implementing technology to enhance your recruiting and on-boarding efforts, we can help. We’ve done the research and can get you results. Contact us today! 

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