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Are you providing the right training and mentoring for your employees?

The need for the right training and mentoring for employees.The need for the right training and mentoring for employees

You’ve made good hires and you have a strong workforce. But is there nothing left for employees to learn, no need for them to grow? Take what’s good and make it even better through the right training and mentoring.

The importance of ongoing training

Yes, ongoing training takes some money and some time, but done correctly, it quickly pays for itself and provides a continuing ROI.

There are many benefits to having a well-trained workforce:

  • Employees are doing their jobs better, smarter, more quickly. They make fewer mistakes, saving your company the time, money, and embarrassment of correcting them.
  • Employee satisfaction is higher and because they feel more invested in the company, employees look for ways to contribute. Because they feel supported and valued, turnover can decrease.
  • Customers and clients will be more satisfied with the experience of your company. This could be due to increased consistency from interaction to interaction with your employees, or that your training has increased the skill level of the people they interact with. The result is that your company’s reputation for quality, reliability and leadership is enhanced.

The importance of mentoring

While training teaches a group or an individual a new set of skills or procedures, often in a set, short period of time, mentoring is one-on-one relationship that is longer-term and more broadly developmental in nature. Usually a mentor is someone more senior in position – in your company, industry or even outside your industry – who has the knowledge and perspective to advise you, challenge you and help you develop and grow in your career. They can offer encouragement, open networking opportunities, and help set goals and boundaries.

The right training and mentoring is important

How do you learn how to train? How do know how to mentor?

They are both a crucial part of your employees’ development and your company’s success, so spend company time and money wisely to get the most out of your efforts.

First, the learning should be customized. Your company, your workforce, and your training and mentoring needs are unique. The training profession recognizes the impactful learning effect of combining imparting wisdom with facilitated learning. Second, a dynamic trainer with broad-reaching and long-term experience knows how to utilize the best, most-respected assessment tools to maximum advantage, and ensures that your people get the most from the training session and implement the new learning successfully.

AHA! Business Consulting has a wealth of experience and facility with DiSC, the most respected tools in the industry – and everything you need to train and mentor employees to bring out their best. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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