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Keep Employees and Carry On—How Your Business Can Avoid a High Turnover Rate

Hiring and training new employees is both a costly and time-intensive endeavor. As a business owner, it’s of the utmost importance to do whatever you can so that every new hire becomes a long-term and loyal employee. There are several ways to maximize that probability, and here are a few of the most important.

Hire Highly Qualified Employees

Interviewing candidates is the first and best opportunity you’ll have during the hiring process to find an employee who is the right fit. Not only should you scrutinize every resume for someone who has the right skills set for the role, but you also need to look for someone who will be a good fit within the culture of your organization. Additionally, it’s extremely important to conduct reference checks as a final step. Look for inconsistencies against resumes or interviews.

Allow for Career Development

Motivated employees are happy employees, and many people derive their happiness from the ability to advance their career. Evaluate your employees on a regular basis, both with formal reviews and informal observations. In addition to mastery of job functions, don’t forget to look for things like people skills, strong organizational methods, and time management techniques. It’s almost always easier to teach someone the specific workings of your organization than it is to teach these kinds of soft skills, which are invaluable in leadership roles. Always provide feedback, listen to what their career goals are, and formulate long-term strategies that will allow employees to reach their goals.

Listen to Their Feedback

Although giving feedback to your employees is very important, listening to their feedback is just as crucial. When your employees are working at the ground level, they often have insightful observations on how effectively the company is running and what can be done to improve it. Listen with an open mind, and make sure your employees know that their voices count. Employees who feel like their opinions matter have a more personal stake in the company and its success rather than just feeling like cogs in the wheel. Make time to speak with your employees one on one, and ask them directly what they think needs to be changed in order for the company to be successful.

Although the hiring process can be difficult and exhausting, it’s one of the most important opportunities you’ll receive to ensure your company thrives. By devoting the time and resources to hiring the right people, you’re putting yourself on the road to success.

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