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How Your Employees Can Help Create a Positive Reputation for Your Small Business

Often, your customers interact with your employees long before they ever see you. As such, your company’s reputation rests heavily on your workers’ shoulders. It’s important to support them in their work because it has a direct effect on your bottom line. Here are some ways you can encourage your employees to support you with your business goals.

Follow Strong Core Values

According to Podium, defining your company values starts with brainstorming as a team to develop your core values, creating a mission statement that reflects your company’s purpose and taking into consideration customer feedback. This isn’t a time for you to wax eloquent about company values. Instead, you want to get your people involved in the brainstorming session. Doing this allows them to take ownership of your company values, to understand them and to want to implement them.

You also want to make sure that they truly understand what it means to be living your values. For example, if one of your values is world-class customer service, do they even know what that even means? More importantly, are you giving them the tools to reach this goal?

Go Above and Beyond With Your Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, if this isn’t a core value of yours, it should be. Without customers, your business won’t last long. However, what may seem obvious to you may not be obvious to your employees when it comes to this concept. For example, do your employees smile at customers? Are they truly helpful? Do they tell customers how long they’ll have to wait on hold? These are just a few examples of good customer service. According to eLearning Industry, don’t assume that your employees know what excellent customer service means. Train them to know.

Make Sure Your Employees Take Care of Themselves

Overworked employees can’t give their all to your business or your customers because they become tired and burned out. If they get burned out, they can’t treat people well. They make mistakes, sometimes big ones. They just aren’t all there. This will eventually affect your company’s reputation.

Sometimes the best thing your employees can do to ensure that they create a positive reputation for your business is to take care of themselves. You must support them in this endeavor. It’s often easier and cheaper to give a good employee some vacation days than to have to replace him or her altogether.

There is a reason that human resources are called human resources. On some level, it is understood that a company’s employees are resources, just like the products it produces. As such, if, for whatever reason, your employees aren’t in a position to create a positive public image for your company, then they are an underutilized resource.

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