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How to Know You’ve Hired a Successful Manager

Hiring the right support staff and all-around workers helps keep a business on the right track. Employees, however, can only do so much. Their supervisors guide them to perform their duties effectively. Is your manager doing what he or she is supposed to do? If you aren’t gauging the success of your manager, you have to start doing so right away. Here are a few things to think about when determining a manager’s effectiveness.Hire Right

They Solve Problems

A manager should inform you of any troubles. Too much can go wrong when a manager leaves you out of the loop. That said, telling you about a problem might not be enough. A manager should take the initiative to solve problems when possible. For example, at a construction site, the workers could fall behind schedule. Does the manager ascertain the reason why and then address it to get everyone back on schedule? If so, that’s a proactive and hard-working manager.

Whether a construction site, an advertising office, a restaurant, or any other work environment, a manager should address and feasibly fix troubles. A management method that focuses on proactively seeking solutions before problems arise can help your business thrive in a competitive marketplace.

They Engage With Employees

Managers do need to maintain a level of formality with employees. Formality doesn’t mean aloof, though. Skilled managers never lose their footing as “the boss,” but they don’t create unnecessary distance between themselves and employees either. They know how to interact with their subordinates. By knowing how to engage with employees, managers gain insights into workers’ concerns and issues. Once a manager becomes aware of employee problems, they can take steps to address them.

A manager who engages with employees could become someone employees trust. Working with such a manager usually becomes less stressful, which contributes to a better work environment.

The Manager Comes Up With Good Ideas

Managers who serve “in the trenches” see things that upper management might not. Savvy managers may come up with ideas capable of improving the business in some way. Managers who contribute to the growth and success of a company show they are team players. It doesn’t matter whether the ideas or suggestions are big or small. What matters is the manager looks out for the company and wants to see it do well.

Standout managers aren’t always easy to find and hire. If you have one working at your company, realize you have a great asset in the fold. They can be the key to your employees putting forth the best work possible for your company.

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