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How to Hire a lot of Employees Quickly: Seasonal or Otherwise

There are times in business when you need to hire a lot of people fast. This could occur when you’re opening a brand-new business, your busiest season is fast approaching, or you’ve experienced rapid growth. Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips to help you successfully build your team at a rapid rate. 

How to hire a lot of people fast

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Tip 1: Go Where Your Candidates Are 

These days there are many job boards and posting services to choose from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.). How do you know where to find the candidates right for your business? Ask yourself, where will my best candidates spend their time online and what opportunities will sound attractive to them? There are ways to make your job postings stand out. Use language that is engaging, informative and that represents your culture. Incorporate images or video to illustrate your brand. Remember, you are essentially marketing your opportunity to someone who will buy into you as an employer of choice. Check out how we did this for one of our clients.  

Tip 2: Use Reference Checking Software  

Checking references is an important step to ensure you find the best hire and not just a warm body. Unfortunately, when you’re in a hurry to quickly grow your team, sometimes this critical step can be overlooked. The old-fashioned way of individual phone calls can be time intensive. That’s why we make sure we take advantage of the most up-to-date software that helps us check references. This saves our clients lots of time and money during the hiring and recruiting process.  

Tip 3: Incorporate Screening Questions 

A great way to weed out the unqualified or “not so interested” candidates is to ask applicants to respond to a set of brief questions during the application process. Giving your applicants 3 to 4 questions to answer on the application will help you eliminate those that just want to push a button to feel productive from those who are actually qualified and interested. Be sure to implement this tool early in the hiring process to make your candidate pool smaller and more manageable.  

Tip 4: Use Video Interviewing  

Schedules today are busy! As a CEO, business owner or hiring manager there’s no doubt you need to make the most of your time. Using video to recruit and find the best candidates to hire can help tremendously. While sitting in on ten in-person interviews a day is far-fetched, watching ten, 3-minute videos is completely possible. Video offers a level of personalization that phone calls don’t have. While there are tools like Zoom or Skype that have video capabilities, there are video tools made specifically for recruiting that achieve another level of professionalism. Such services allow our clients to have candidates self-record video answers to their questions and rate each candidate video right on the platform.  Plus, clients can record video messages to share with the candidates when they invite them to complete the video interview.  This makes the process much more personalized. 

Over the years we’ve curated recruiting and hiring software for a variety of clients. This means they benefit from our expertise in the latest technology and hiring practices. 

A few examples of industries we serve include:   

  • Retail staff recruitment  
  •  Fashion retail recruitment 
  •  Restaurant staff recruitment  
  •  Franchise staff recruitment  
  •  Bridal staff recruitment  
  •  Pet store recruitment 
  •  Veterinarian recruitment  
  •  Nonprofit recruitment
  • many more… 

Helping You Hire Right… Quickly    

It is possible to hire a lot of employees quickly without compromising on quality. It does require planning to be more efficient to leverage your business’s time and resources. Try out these tips to enhance your hiring process. And if you already feel maxed out with your time and hiring and recruiting capabilities, we make hiring stress free. Reach out today to see how we can help you.  

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