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Workplace Assessments Should Have a Place in Your Workplace

Why you should do employee assessments for all employeesFrom prospective employees to sales and management, workplace assessments can enhance engagement and productivity.

In an ideal workplace, your employees are happy, engaged, and challenged. They’re well-managed, well-trained, in the right job now, and are being groomed for future responsibilities. Whether through teamwork or individual contributions, your employees give their best to the company. Productivity is high and turnover is almost non-existent. Sounds great doesn’t it? Does this describe your workplace, or do you suspect you could do better?

In most companies, there’s room for improvement. It takes more than guesswork, opinion, luck, and hope to maximize your organization’s greatest asset: your employees and how well they work alone and together. Through detailed, customized assessments you can gain great insights that will lead to better hires, stronger teams, more effective managers, increased sales, and highly engaged employees.

The pre-hire assessment

A great place to start the assessment process is with the pre-hire assessment. A robust pre-hire assessment like PXT Select provides a valid, in-depth measure of a person’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests. Customizable, actionable, objective data about prospective candidates helps you make better hiring decisions, from entry-level positions to top managers.

All-employee assessments

It’s never too late for you and your current employees, regardless of their roles, to learn about themselves and others and build more effective working relationships. The Everything DiSC Workplace assessment can provide insights into priority and preference styles and teach people how to adapt to each other to maximize quality interactions and make conflict more productive.

No style is better than any other, but an understanding and recognition of style, along with specific how-to instruction on dealing with people of differing styles, takes the hit-or-miss guesswork out of how to most effectively build good, productive working relationships.

Team assessments

Teamwork is important, yet too often, teams don’t coalesce and accomplish everything as effectively and efficiently as hoped for. With The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment that helps team members establish trust, hold one another accountable, learn how to engage in productive conflict, and commit to decisions, they can achieve great results together.

Sales assessments

It’s important for your salespeople to know their sales style, their customers’ buying styles, and how to adapt their sales style to their customers. With the knowledge they gain from Everything DiSC Sales, they can connect better to prospects and customers and close more sales.  Searching for the right salespeople? PXT Select™ can help.  PXT Select’s new sales-focused reports are perfect for hiring and developing the right salespeople for your organization.

Manager assessments

If managers know their own styles and learn how to read the style of those they manage, they can adapt their styles to manage more effectively. With Everything DiSC Management, managers can learn how to better direct and delegate, improve employee motivation, foster employee development, and develop a better working relationship with their own manager.

The question isn’t really can you afford to do employee assessments. The question is, can you afford not to? Why not optimize the time and talents of your employees – your company’s most important asset?

At AHA! Business Consulting, we help businesses make the most of their workforce, and we can help you. Whether you need business coaching, consulting, tools or training, we have the knowledge you need.

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