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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of June 2019, the job market is tightening. More people are quitting for better opportunities. As an employer who needs to hire right, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I fill even more open positions than I’ve had before?” Of course, there are many ways to approach hiring and recruiting. Let’s talk about what we all watch so much of daily, online video.

Sure, you think of using video for marketing and promoting your products and services, but for hiring? Yes, and here’s why. Experts estimate that in 2019 video accounts for 80% of all global internet traffic.There are a variety of ways to use video in recruiting candidates and hiring. Why? Because recruiting – now more than ever – is marketing.

What’s more, in such a tight labor market where candidates can research your company inside and out online, it’s important to get your voice, your perspective out in front. If you’re not creating the buzz about your company or business, then you can count on the fact that the internet will create one for you.

Looking to have a pipeline of candidates ready on demand? Use video to…

  1. Present your employer brand– showcase your company as an employer of choice. What’s a day-in-the-life like at your company? What skills do you help your staff build?
  2. Share your employee value proposition– what do you offer to an employee that makes you attractive? You’ve got assets, use them!
  3. Explain your hiring process– make it easy to apply with a short video to explain how it works from your end as the hiring manager. Set expectations.
  4. Hang on to interested candidates– increase engagement. Send a follow-up video to keep applicants engaged so they don’t choose another employer over you during the hiring process.
  5. Screen job applicants– use video in your initial screening to get a better understanding of how your candidate presents themselves and how they’ll inevitability represent you.

Doing a few, brief, evergreen videos will help you build those passive candidates that you hope to have waiting in the wings when you are ready to hire. To enjoy the benefit of candidates “on-demand” you need to build an employer brand. Video is a great way to do that because employer video helps you…

  1. Rank higher: Increase your career website’s ranking in Google search results.
  2. Increase shares of your job posting. Isn’t it fun to watch a video? People are more likely to share your job postings if it contains video.
  3. Get the candidates who fit. Increase your chances of getting the best match. Your employer branded video is an opportunity to showcase everyday life, so the candidate knows your culture before applying.
  4. Promote your work-life experience. Do more than tell them you’re a great place to work, show them.
  5. Save time and money. Using video to promote your job postings means better exposure which increases views, shares, and creates a higher application rate.

If you need help creating or fine-tuning your employer brand, as always, we are here to help. Book some time for a free consultation or Contact Us. Let’s see how we might help you get started on creating a pipeline of passive candidates who look forward to working for your company or business.

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