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The 8 Dimensions Of Leadership

Authors Sugerman, Scullard and Wilhelm in their book with the same title described, “The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.”  The book lays out a model of eight dimensions of leadership behavior. As leaders, we tend to have natural tendencies in one of these dimensions. These natural tendencies are sometimes called our strengths. This model integrates the DiSC assessment and five years of research and data collection on leadership behavior. Once we learn our leadership dimension, the tools from this book helps us to understand our psychological drivers, our motivations, and our blind spots. To become a better leader we need to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zones and learn lessons from other leaders that fall in a different dimension.

For example, a Pioneering leader tends to be very high energy, loves to talk, wants to move up as quickly as possible and probably comes across as very confident. These are some of the psychological drivers of a Pioneering leader. This is the type of leader who will always be looking to change the organization for the better. He looks for new opportunities.

At the same time, this leader may also come across as overconfident and impatient. He tends to communicate up very well, but doesn’t always communicate down. The Pioneering leader may want to turn to the Humble leader to learn to take time to listen to those below him and to learn when it is important to prioritize the needs of the group over his own.

I developed a workshop based upon the principals of this book for leaders and business owners. This has become one of my most popular workshops. Participants walk away with a customized plan to improve in the specific leadership areas that are important for their current career track. Where do you fall in the 8 Dimensions of Leadership? What lessons do you need to learn to be a more effective leader? If this is of interest to you, give me a call and let’s talk about it.

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