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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process on ahabusinessconsulting.comWhy you should hire a recruitment agency for your next hire

If you’ve ever been involved in hiring new talent, you know the hiring process costs a lot of time and money. The expense can go up substantially if you hire the wrong person. Whether you’re a small company relying on a senior staff member to fill key positions or a large organization with hiring managers, it often makes sense to outsource your recruitment process to an outside agency.

1.  Outsourcing the recruitment process can save you money.

A recruiting agency can help you reduce overall costs by shortening the time to hire. You can also save by not spending as much to advertise on job boards, initial screening stages, and administrative support.

2.  Outsourcing the recruitment process connects you to insider expertise.

No matter your type of business, a staffing agency can connect you to professionals with experience in your industry. AHA! Business Consulting specializes in hiring personnel for frontline positions that spend most of their time dealing with customers directly. Your business might specialize in the healthcare industry, advertising, and marketing, software engineering, or hospitality, and each of these fields requires specific job experience and education. A recruitment agency has the industry knowledge to ensure that job candidates are well matched to a role.

3.  Outsourcing the recruitment process can help with employee retention.

Imagine you spend all this time and money hiring someone, only to wind up with the wrong person. He or she could end up quitting, which means you’re right back at square one again. A recruiting agency uses a finely tuned process to present a better quality of candidates, so you’re more likely to find the right person at the outset.

4.  Outsourcing the recruitment process can streamline everything.

Let’s face it; the hiring process can take a long time. Between posting job openings and sifting through applications to setting up interviews and conducting follow-ups, you can spend weeks or even months searching for a candidate. Even then your efforts might come to nothing. A recruitment agency has connections and access to a broader network, with thousands of resumes from skilled professionals on file. A recruitment agency can also take care of reviewing applications and developing a short list of the best possible candidates. This means you won’t have to take time away from your other duties.

5.  Outsourcing the recruitment process can result in better communication with candidates.

One thing that can turn off promising candidates is a lack of follow up and communication throughout the hiring process. In this competitive, employee-driven job market, candidates won’t wait long to hear back from you. They will quickly lose patience and move on to another company. A recruiting agency can take care of following up with candidates from the first contact through the subsequent job offer and hire.

Outsourcing your recruitment process can take much of the burden of finding and hiring qualified candidates for your company. These five reasons highlight why an outside agency can benefit you in terms of time and money.

At AHA! Business Consulting, we have everything you need to get the hiring process started. Download our free eBook, “3 Stress-Free Steps to Hiring Frontline Employees for Your Business, or contact us to discuss the AHA! Impressions Memberships that will work best for your business’ needs.

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